Deborah Ward

Individualised Psychotherapy

My aim is offer you a setting to gain greater objectivity and depth of understanding about you as an Individual with your own set of feelings, thoughts, inspiration, happiness, disappointments, beliefs, values, fears, passions, intrigues, quirks, traumas and motivation in life.

You are as Unique as

               Your Fingerprint

Our starting point is to come to know what you are all about. It is from there that we can, together, build an authentic and true pathway forward to a more fulfilling life.

One Size Does Not Fit All

It is my experience that lasting results from therapy is far more attainable by investing in the You that you really are.

Investing in You

We have entered an age where psychotherapy and counselling increasingly reflects the trend for generic solutions. Self checkouts, Chatbots, re-directions to FAQ pages and treatment plans served up in leaflet form are to name a few.

Generalised behavioural treatment can be useful for a specifc issue such as breaking a habit, addiction treatment or overcoming a specific fear such as spiders, the dentist, etc.

My 30 years of psychotherapy treatment has shown that other concerns require a more searching endeavour. These include issues as in relationships, significant loss, repetative job loss or failure to thrive in what you love to do requires a deeper exploration into the Authentic You.